Yerba Santa & Sage Bundle

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Size 8-9"

This bundle combines White Sage & Yerba Santa herbs to help remove unwanted energies and facilitate desirable outcomes. Perfect for a transition when closing chapters to start anew, this bundle draws on ancient practices to aid in purification & cleansing. Yerba Santa is a Sacred herb used to heal, protect & cleanse, providing courage & strength, while White Sage opens us to higher realms, calling forth ancestral guidance. The smoke of White Sage brings clarity & blessings, strength & security. 

Cultivated White Sage (Salvia apiana), Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon sp.)

Set your intention, and give thanks. Begin your Prayers and light the pointed end of your bundle with flame. (earth & fire elements). Once the herb bundle is mindfully lit, gently blow out the flame. The smoke carries your prayers & intention during cleansing. To preserve the herb bundle or reduce the amount of smoke, you may also use a small amount of the leaf and place into a shell (which represents water), or other fire-safe dish (no wood/plastic that could burn). A ritual bowl can also prevent embers from falling onto self & belongings. Some choose to use a feather fan or single feather to help direct the smoke (honoring the element of air). When done, extinguish the lighted embers in a bowl of sand and offer a prayer of gratitude. If using indoors, please be sure to open a window or door so that the energies may be released from your Sacred space upon completion.