Spiderwort Flower Essence

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Spiderwort Flower Essence offers support with problem-solving and discernment. It allows us space to access higher realms for clarity and truth when faced with inconsistent or conflicting messages/signs. When decision-making becomes challenging, this remedy helps create space for us to receive accurate information and peacefully move forward. This remedy helps to balance the crown and solar plexus chakras. Like the flowers themselves, which bloom for only one day, this essence reminds us to take things one day at a time and find contentment and well-being in the present moment.

*Solar/ New Moon in Cancer Essence*

Standard Base Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy & Essence of Spiderwort Flowers (Tradescantia virginiana)

Glycerine Base Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Glycerine & Essence of Spiderwort Flowers (Tradescantia virginiana)

1 drop to anoint the body
1-3 drops to water or tea, 1-3x daily
Add several drops to your ritual bath water!