Lemon Eucalyptus Bundle

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Size 4-5"

Lemon eucalyptus a powerful herb for smudging. It encourages energetic & emotional balance and carries the energies of strengthened concentration. Like other bundles, eucalyptus is used for cleansing and clearing, but also uplifts and awakens the Spirit. Eucalyptus can help revitalize the energies of self and space, while assisting to raise the vibrations within and around you.

Lemon Eucalyptus (Corymbia citriodora)

Set your intention, and give thanks. Begin your Prayers and light the pointed end of your bundle with flame. (earth & fire elements). Once the herb bundle is mindfully lit, gently blow out the flame. The smoke carries your prayers & intention during cleansing. To preserve the herb bundle or reduce the amount of smoke, you may also use a small amount of the leaf and place into a shell (which represents water), or other fire-safe dish (no wood/plastic that could burn). A ritual bowl can also prevent embers from falling onto self & belongings. Some choose to use a feather fan or single feather to help direct the smoke (honoring the element of air). When done, extinguish the lighted embers in a bowl of sand and offer a prayer of gratitude. If using indoors, please be sure to open a window or door so that the energies may be released from your Sacred space upon completion.