Cleanse Thyself

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Affirmations: “I AM now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good…across all planes of my existence, across all universes, and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good of all. And so it is.”

Cleanse Thyself is designed to help cleanse and clear our fields of debris and unwanted energies, while offering us energetic protection. Some spaces may not be welcoming of smudging and this can be used in its place. Just as it is important to cleanse yourself physically everyday in your routine, it is equally important to cleanse ourselves energetically.

The Oils:

Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing; it dispels feelings of despondency, despair and lethargy. It assists individuals in entering a healing mode or cleansing state. In this state, one easily lets go of old limiting belief systems, toxic energies and negativity. The teaching is to move forward without hesitation and commit to a healing path where change is a regular occurrence. Lemongrass has a powerful mission to assist in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Clove is the oil of boundaries. It supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality while supporting one to stand up for oneself. Clove insists that individuals live true to themselves and the Divine by establishing clear boundaries.

Melaleuca is the oil of energetic boundaries. It clears negative energetic baggage and releases codependent & parasitic relationships. Tea Tree helps break the negative ties in unhealthy relationships. New and healthy connections may be formed that honor one's personal space and boundaries. Melaleuca assists in purification practices and in releasing toxic debris.

Cypress is the oil of motion & flow- a powerful tool to help create energetic flow and release stagnant energies. Cypress teaches the soul how to let go of the past by moving with the flow of life.

Ginger is the oil of empowerment. Ginger holds no reservations as it persuades individuals to be fully present with their participation in life. Ginger also addresses victim mentality (feelings of powerlessness, blaming people or outside influences or refusing to take responsibility for one's life or actions). It infuses a warrior-like mentality based on personal integrity, centralized responsibility and individual choice. The empowered individual assumes full responsibility and accountability for the consequences of their actions or in-actions.

Stones in this blend are Black Tourmaline & Quartz. Black Tourmaline aids in both purification & psychic protection. This stone can keep one's auric field clear of imbalance even in the presence of destructive energies. When we encounter individuals or situations that emanate "bad vibes", we can subconsciously pick up these energies. These stones help to cleanse and clear us negativity and disharmony, while providing high levels of purification which serve to elevate one's consciousness. Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone, associated with earth energies. Quartz is placed to amplify this blend.


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Carrier Base: Organic Sunflower Oil

Essential Oils: Lemongrass, Clove, Melaleuca, Cypress, Ginger

Stones/Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Quartz

Herbs: Palo Santo, White Sage, Flat Cedar

Flower Essence: Tulsi

Roll onto wrist points, heart space or behind the ears.