Butterfly Pea Flower Essence

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Butterfly pea essence helps us to connect to the Divine, bringing us higher wisdom and love. It is within this source of energy that we may find clear and pure presence, insight and perspective. This remedy can be helpful when building community. She offers us clear and strong communication and overall balance of our heart, throat and crown chakras. When our hearts become focused on clear intention and truth, we are better able to serve the needs of our community. This essence helps us to build a bridge between our loving intent and heartfelt words, while creating the space for openness and authenticity wIthin community. She helps us to relate on much deeper levels with others.

*Solar/ Full Moon in Aquarius Essence*

Standard Base Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy & Essence of Butterfly Pea Flowers (Clitoria ternatea)

Glycerine Base Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Glycerine & Essence of Butterfly Pea Flowers (Clitoria ternatea)

1 drop to anoint the body
1-3 drops to water or tea
Add several drops to your ritual bath water!