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Looseleaf Teas

Our looseleaf are handcrafted with organic & wildharvested herbs, designed for Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness. Our teas are made in Love & Prayer with intentions set for the highest and greatest good of the individual.

We offer a fine selection of both herbal and caffeinated/herbal teas. Recommended serving for our tea pouches is 1 tsp-1 TBS. per 6-8oz water. Each pouch is designed to contain approximately 30 servings at 1 tsp. per serving.

New to looseleaf teas?

It's simple!

Pour heated water into your mug & add your looseleaf herbs into a tea infuser. Gently sink your infuser into the water & steep for the desired time listed on each individual tea pouch. Remove your infuser after the steep time is up.

If you don't have an infuser, place your looseleaf tea directly into your mug and steep for the recommended time. Place a small mesh or bamboo strainer atop a second mug and pour your finished tea through the strainer to catch falling leaves.

If using a temperature controlled kettle, the proper tea brewing temperature ranges from 140 degrees for green tea to 212 degrees (full boil) for black and herbal teas with many gradations in between.

Please visit our "Tea Accessories" collection to purchase an infuser or bamboo strainer.

Our whole root/spice teas can be prepared a bit differently. Please see the "decoction" method for proper instructions, located at the bottom of each listing. Often times these require a stronger preparation to extract the best possible amount of nutrients!