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White Sage Bundle
White Sage Bundle

White Sage Bundle


Our Salvia apiana is farm cultivated in northern California. It is harvested, dried & wrapped in Prayer with cotton string.

Ancient to present, Indigenous tribes worldwide were called to work with specific Sacred plants, native to their area, for purification & cleansing. These medicine bundles have been used for thousands of years in Ceremony and other rituals, to cleanse and release self and space from harmful or heavy energies. The smoke of white sage is a bridge to higher realms, a way to call in our ancestors and guides. We must learn to honor this Sacred medicine, as it has been honored throughout time.

"White sage is abundant in its local habitat as a keystone species of its plant community, but that habitat is under threat due to development and it is fragile, apparent by the many endangered and threatened species that rely on its habitat." (Lepold, Susan - United Plant Savers)

 *Note: Wild Salvia apiana is protected considered an at-risk species. We do not support wildharvesting of this Ceremonial herb for resale.


Instructions for use:

Set your intention, begin your Prayers and light the pointed end of your bundle with flame. Once the herbs are lit, gently blow out the flame. The smoke carries your prayers & intention during cleansing. Once completed, extinguish the lighted embers in a bowl of sand and offer a prayer of gratitude.

To preserve the herb bundle, you may also use a small amount of the leaf and place into a shell, or other fire-safe dish (no wood/plastic that could burn). Set your intention, begin your Prayers. Light the leaves and gently blow out the flame. This also prevents embers from falling onto self & belongings. Some choose to use a feather fan or single feather to help direct the smoke. Once the leaves turn to ash and no longer produce smoke, offer a prayer of gratitude.

If using indoors, please be sure to open a window or door so that the energies may be released from your Sacred space.

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