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Peyote Ceremonial Flower Essence

Peyote Ceremonial Flower Essence


Peyote Cactus (Lophophora williamsii)

*Solar to Lunar Essence* ~ 2:22/8:08

*NOTE ~ Flower Essences contain NO chemical constitutes of the plant itself, only the healing vibration of the plant. This is a legal and safe way to experience the vibrational healing of this powerful plant teacher.

Peyote flower essence is a ceremonial essence that helps to dispel fear, open our hearts and to connect with our truest nature, OneNess and Spirit. This essence guides us to greater insight while teaching us heightened intuition & higher states of awareness and mindfulness. As we tap into our connection with our highest self and the vibrations of the earth, we are able to clear the channels to higher guidance, understanding and compassion for all beings and all of life. Lophophora Essence enhances inner communion, helps us to gain insight & access to one’s life path & soul mission and increases awareness of one’s life experiences in order to learn, evolve, remember and step fully into our authentic nature and Soul mission here on this Earthwalk. 



Ingredients:  Spring Water, Brandy & Essence of Peyote Cactus Blossom* (Lophophora williamsii)

Glycerine Base~

Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Glycerine & Essence of Peyote Cactus Blossom* (Lophophora williamsii)

*organically grown


Instructions for use: 1-3 drops daily for Vibrational Support


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.