Peach Flower Essence

Peach Flower Essence

Peach (Prunus persica)

*Lunar/ Full Moon in Leo Essence*

Peach tree blossom essence is useful for unselfishness and deepening states of compassion. It helps us move beyond patterns of selfishness, self-involvement, thoughtlessness, constriciveness & smothering tendencies. This remedy helps us to expand our sense of fulfillment and our sympathies to include the needs of others and to be energized rather than drained in the process, or when one takes advantage of those who listen to them and the other party feels drained afterwards. It is for those who feel solitary, relationships are brief and who feel consistent dissatisfaction. It improves our ability to give & receive love equally. Peach is a mothering essence to promote empathy, nurturing from wholeness rather than neediness and allows for more care for the well being of others. It can be very useful for parents, teachers, nurses, therapists and all those who work as consultants. For children, it promotes them to get along better with siblings or classmates and supports "only children" to become more balanced with the needs of others. Peach is also is useful for pets who are clingy, and for animals who were weaned too early and tend to chew or suckle on clothing. 



Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy & Peach Tree Blossoms* (Prunus persica)

Glycerine Base~

Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Glycerine &  Peach Tree Blossoms* (Prunus persica)

**organically grown ingredient


Instructions for use: 1-3 drops, 1-3x daily for Vibrational Support


References:  Harvey, Clare G., Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies, Watkins Publishing, 2007