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Affirmations: “I am ONE with all of Nature. My roots are grounded deep within the earth. I am safe, secure and supported. I am fully present. Great Mother, I am grateful. I connect now with my Earth Star Chakra…connected to the center of our Mother.”


Pachamama, Great Mother Earth, I hear your calling! Our eighth specialty roll on is nature inspired to bring connection, groundedness and a feeling of safety & protection. It is within her womb of her that we know peace, true healing and our place and deep connection within the Earth. Pachamama whispers to us our strength, helping us to connect with our roots. She teaches us stillness and humbleness. She shows us the way back to truest nature. This ritual roll-on supports our gentle healing, helping to release blockages of the heart and offering us unconditional love and support on our journey. As we have come here to bridge Heaven & Earth, this roll-on is the counterpart to Starseed. Starseed brings the energy upwards spiraling through the chakras to open access of the higher chakras and stars, while Pachamama helps us to integrate this energy into our physical bodies, carrying the energy downwards to our roots and Divine connection of the earth.


The Oils:

Peru balsam brings us peace with unconditional love and empathy. It fills the spaces that have remained untouched & unreachable within us, allowing healing of the heart. It is centering, grounding and teaches us to remain open to love & trust. Peru balsam softly embraces us and offers us a cloak of protection from emotional, mental and physical storms that may arise on our journey.

Copaiba balsam is the oil of unveiling. It helps to soothe anxious feelings that may arise within our deep healing journey. It balances emotion and relieves tension. This oil offers us emotional support to help keep us in the Now, and allows us to gently release repressed emotional wounds that hold us captive to the past and victim mentality. This resinous oil is wonderful for emotional healing and protection.

Cedarwood brings us groundedness while offering support, strength & protection. Its elements are of fire and earth. This oil assists to drive away negative influence and is used for cleansing. Cedar brings us closer to spirit and helps protect us from harmful energies. It helps bring connection to our sense of belonging, encourages us to root within the earth for healing and emotional support.

The oil from balsam fir is well known for its grounding properties, reminding us of the strength of the mountains and our connection to nature.

Patchouli is the oil of physicality. It supports us in becoming fully present in our physical body and brings balance to those who may seek escape from it through constant spiritual endeavors or other forms of distraction. Patchouli helps bring a sense of groundedness, calms fears & nervous tension, and quiets the mind to prepare for spirit/body union. This oil encourages us to stay in close connection to the earth.

The Stones:

Black Tourmaline aids in both purification & psychic protection. This stone can keep one's auric field clear of imbalance even in the presence of destructive energies. When we encounter individuals or situations that emanate "bad vibes", we can subconsciously pick up these energies. These stones help to cleanse and clear us negativity and disharmony, while providing high levels of purification which serve to elevate one's consciousness. Black Tourmaline is a grounding stone, associated with earth energies.

Moss agate is a stone of the root and heart chakras. It's element is earth. This wholesome stone emanates vibrations of balance and stability in the physical domain. In a ritual meditation, this stone can help to magnify the energy of one's intention. Moss agate assists one in bringing a deep connection with Earth energy and the devic realm. The stone is grounding in the sense that it assists one in connecting to the Earth, at the same time that it stimulates psychic contact with elementals and Nature spirits. Its energy supports our physical health, abundance and spiritual understanding of all aspects of the natural world. Moss agate assists one in finding peace and stability in the emotional body.

The traunquil, peaceful energies of kambaba jasper is said to remove blockages of the heart and dispel worry/negativity to allow a clear path for clarity & serenity to flow. It reminds us of the gift of life and our connection to all living things (past, present & future.) As a "Supreme Nurturer," like all jasper, this stone encourages the ebb and flow of energy between ourselves and the earth. It offers us protection & comfort in times of need. Kambaba jasper helps with the assimilation of vitamins & minerals and in cleansing the body of environmental toxins.

As a stone of balance, green jasper helps to detoxify our bodies and minds. It is another stone for the heart chakra. This stone encourages resistance and helps restore harmony to the emotional body. Green jasper strengthens our deep connection to the earth and her spiritual wisdom. It helps us to understand the Sacredness of all life within nature. Jasper honors many earth goddesses throughout culture.

Prehnite is known as the Heal the Healer's stone and a stone of inner peace.  Prehnite helps to reconnect and bridge the heart and the mind. This union creates a deeper understanding of ourselves. This stone helps to quiet restlessness, nervousness and worry. It helps us to remain in the present moment. It is a stone of earth and water elements. Prehnite brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind. It emanates renewal and hope while supporting deep healing. As a gentle and nurturing stone it help with the release of ego-identification with past wounds, like an energetic soap that helps wash emotional debris from the aura.

Quartz amplifies the healing properties of this vibrational blend.


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Carrier Base: Organic Sunflower Oil infused with Amber Resin

Essential Oils: Peru Balsam, Copaiba Balsam, Cedarwood, Balsam Fir, Patchouli

Stones/Crystals: Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Moss Agate, Green Jasper, Petrified Wood, Prehnite

Organic/ Wildharvested Herbs: Palo Santo, Flat Cedar, Reishi, Chaga, Arnica, Osha, Usnea

Flower Essence: Mountain Laurel, Lophoflora, Hawthorn, Yarrow

Roll onto wrist points, heart space, behind the ears, or around ankles for grounding energies.