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St. John’s Wort Flower Essence

St. John’s Wort Flower Essence


St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

*Solar Essence*

St. John's Wort flower essence is the perfect remedy to "let the light in." Those who who feel called to this essence tend to be highly sensitive people. These beings carry a great deal of light within themselves yet often find it challenging to contain the light, or to incarnate into the Earth with their light, thus the bodily sheath of the skin is often highly sensitive and easily prone to disturbance. Many such persons are allergic or unusually subject to environmental stress or trauma, or immune-related illnesses.

This remedy helps regulate and sustain light within souls that are depressed ("deep-pressed"). Those who are prone to melancholia, and especially those who experience depression due to light deprivation (SAD.)

St. John's Wort is a wonderful essence for protection during the night-time and is indicated for a wide variety of sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, night-sweats and night-time incontinence. This five-pointed, radiant sun-yellow blossom helps the soul embrace darkness, and gives us protection from negative spiritual entities. 

The St. John's Wort plant blooms at the height of summer, and the soul who needs this plant has many naturally expansive qualities. However, this expansiveness leaves the soul too open and sensitive. The consciousness becomes frayed and open to invasion or attack from negative elementals or parasitical entities. Also, such persons maintain a loose connection to their earthly body and can expand quite far with their astral body during sleep. The spiritual lesson or journey for those who work with this remedy is to anchor the Spiritual Sun as a source within, rather than outside the Self.



Ingredients:  Mountain Spring Water, St. John’s Wort ** (Hypericum perforatum) & Brandy

Glycerine Base~

Ingredients: Mountain Spring Water, St. John’s Wort ** (Hypericum perforatum) & Organic Glycerine


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