“Moonchild” Gift Box

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Gift this “Moonchild” box to someone special and offer relaxation, dreamy sleep, and protection. Herbal treats are included for a Mind-Body-Spirit wellness experience! Set an atmosphere for much-needed restful R&R with these herb bundles that cleanse your space and set the mood for sweet dreams.

Gift set includes 1 each of the following:

2. Dream Realm Herbal Tea

3. Wonderland Herbal Tea

4. Peace & Calm Herbal Tea

5. Chamomile Tea

6. Sweet Dreams Roll-On

7. Sleep Drops Glycerite, 1oz

8. Bamboo Spoon

9. Stainless Tea Infuser

10. Bamboo Tea Strainer

11. Lavender & White Sage Bundle

12. Mugwort Bundle

13. Abalone Shell