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“Sleep Support” Holiday Gift Box
“Sleep Support” Holiday Gift Box

“Sleep Support” Holiday Gift Box


A Simple gift idea for your loved one who may need some extra sleep support. This Mind-Body-Spirit wellness gift set includes herbal teas and aromatherapy that help to calm the mind, relax the body and rejuvenate the Spirit at bedtime. The herb bundle included (Mugwort) can help to cleanse your space while setting the tone for relaxation, protection and promoting vivid dreams. 

Our Sleep Wellness gift set includes 1 each of the following:

1. Gift Mug

2. Dream Realm Herbal Tea

3. Peace & Calm Herbal Tea

4. Chamomile Tea

5. Serenity, Stress Relief Roll-on

6. Sweet Dreams Roll-on

7. Sleep Drops Glycerite, 1oz

8. Bamboo Spoon

9. Silicone Tea Infuser

10. Mugwort Bundle


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