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Lion's Mane Double Extraction

Lion's Mane Double Extraction


Potential Health Benefits shown by research:

Lion’s Mane has been used to strengthen the immune system, help improve cognitive function, may reduce anxiety, help lower cholesterol, fight infection, promote longevity, rejuvenate nerve growth, promote a healthy digestive system, may regulate blood sugar levels, aid in Alzheimer's, help to clear toxins from the body, improve memory, protect the nervous system, soothe ulcers and help with arthritis.

Read Original Article: http://www.herbslist.net/lions-mane.html


Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Lion's Mane* (Hericium erinaceus) & Grain Spirits 


Suggested Use: 30-90 drops in warm water or tea 1-3x daily

Available in 1 oz. or 2 oz.

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