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“Relax & Enjoy the Journey” Gift Box
“Relax & Enjoy the Journey” Gift Box

“Relax & Enjoy the Journey” Gift Box


Not sure which box to gift your loved one? “Enjoy the Journey” (garden themed) features 5 teas and other herbal goodies to promote stress relief and a sense of calmness in these ever-so-changing times. This themed box would be great for someone who appreciates serenely sipping tea in their garden space. Each tea is wonderful brewed hot or poured over ice. 3 of the 5 teas included boast color changing properties when fresh squeezed lemon or lime is added. This gift box is most definitely a fun one!

This gift set includes 1 each of the following:

1. Enjoy the Journey Mug

2. Bluebird Tea (Color-changing/ Caffeinated)

3. Cosmic Poetry (Color-changing) Herbal Tea

4. Prophecy (Color-changing) Herbal Tea

5. Hibiscus Mint (Wellness Blend) Herbal Tea

6. Peace & Calm (Stress Relief) Herbal Tea

7. Serenity Roll-on

8. Gardener’s Healing Hands (All-Purpose Salve)

9. Blue Sage Bundle

10. Silicone Tea Infuser

11. Bamboo Teaspoon

12. Bamboo Tea Strainer

13. Moringa Mint LIp Balm (Vegan)


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