Happy Holidays!
"Good Vibes & Rainbows” Holiday Gift Box

"Good Vibes & Rainbows” Holiday Gift Box

Good Vibes is a lovely herbal wellness gift for anxiety support to help call in the light and uplift the Spirit, while calming the mind and body. Full of nervine remedies, these products help to relax frazzled nerves, quiet racing thoughts and help reduce stress, restlessness & anxiousness. This gift set includes 1 each of the following:

1. Good Vibes Mug

2. Sunshine Daydream Herbal Tea

3. Breathe Love Herbal Tea

4. Live in the Mo-Mint Herbal Tea

5. Serenity Roll-on

6. Nerve-Ease Herbal Extract

7. Bamboo Teaspoon

8. Silicone Tea Infuser

9. Cedar Bundle