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Sweetgrass Braid

Sweetgrass Braid


18” L.

Sweetgrass is one of the four plants (tobacco, sage, cedar & sweetgrass) considered as sacred to First Nations. Hierochloe odorata translates to "fragrant holy grass" and is regarded as Sacred where grown & harvested. Sweetgrass has slightly different significance in different cultures. To the Anishnaabe First Nation (Woodland Indians), it is believed to be the sacred hair of O’gushnan, Mother Earth, and is often braided; the three sections representing mind, body, and soul. Some First Nations believe the three sections of the braid represent love, kindness and honesty.

Sweetgrass is used Ceremonially for cleansing and purification. In Indigenous culture, braided sweetgrass is believed to attract good spirits, energies and influences. She carries a calming effect during healings and her smoke promotes purified thoughts. This Sacred plant is typically used at the beginning of a prayer or Ceremony to attract light & positive energies, after sage has been used to release negative energies.  Hierochloe symbolizes the prayers of the Medicine person, which are then carried to the Creator along the smoke.

Sweetgrass offers its life so that it may be used in Prayer, for medicine and cleansing. When we are still and in prayer, the scent inspires memories, awakens the soul and offers a sense of knowing in order for one to find the direction needed to stay on our path.

This Sacred herb does not catch flame like some others, it will smolder and still produce smoke.


*Our sweetgrass is grown & harvested in New Mexico, without the use of chemicals.

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