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“Ashtan”~  XL Mortar & Pestle
“Ashtan”~  XL Mortar & Pestle
“Ashtan”~  XL Mortar & Pestle
“Ashtan”~  XL Mortar & Pestle

“Ashtan”~ XL Mortar & Pestle



Mortar: Ash

Dimensions: 6”H x 7.25”D Top, 4.75” D Base

Pestle: Lemon Tree

Dimensions: 9”L

Finished with organic carnauba wax. 

The mortar & pestle is one of the great symbols of pharmacology, used in food and medicinal preparations for thousands of years. 

Each mortar and pestle are one-of-a-kind & locally handcrafted in Galveston, Texas. Made by artisan/ woodworker, MIchael Wodecki.  His wooden artistry is created using fallen/downed trees. Each masterpiece is handled with great care. Mike is passionate about his work, dedicating countless hours to aesthetic appeal and practical/stable use.

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