Rose of Jericho

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Size Small 2.5"-3.5"

The Rose of Jericho, also known as the resurrection plant, is known for its ability to seemingly come back to life again and again, even after dried and dormant. This dramatic tumbleweed curls into a tight ball during dry weather in its native habitat, only to unfurl its lacy deep green fronds when exposed to moisture once more. This plant is rich in magical history and tradition. 

Legend/Folklore: Catholic lore speaks of the Rose of Jericho in relation to Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection. The plant was said to bloom regularly and consistently while Jesus was alive. Upon his death, the plant mysteriously shriveled up and all of its flowers withered away. When Jesus was resurrected 3 days later, the plant blossomed again in symbolic celebration of his rebirth. In the tradition of Catholic families, the plant is often passed from generation to generation.

The magical properties of Rose of Jericho help to absorb negative energies. It is said to erase negative influences, bring peace and harmony, and call in abundance. Many have used the ritual waters in cleansing work for person and for space, as well as to cleanse oneself before ritual work or medicine making.

I invite you to call to the Spirit of this plant and ask for help and for guidance. If you listen to the plant kingdom they will speak to you. When placing your Rose of Jericho into water, set your clear intention. Some will add stones (crystals) atop the leaves once opening to help increase the vibrations of the manifestations you are birthing. After your 7 day cycle ends, it is your choice whether or not you leave any small crystals inside until the next reopening.

Please note, it's normal for some segments of each plant to remain brownish in color and not completely take on a lush green hue.

Selaginella lepidophylla

To awaken your Rose of Jericho, place in a small dish or bowl of clean, room temperature water (ensuring all roots are fully submerged). After 30 minutes i’s branches will begin to spread open. Allow it to rest in a bright spot and watch it unfurl/green over the upcoming 24-48 hours. Water it at the base only for no more than 7 days to avoid root rot. After the 7th day, remove it from the water & allow it to return dormant once again. Once fully dried, it can safely be stored for future use. You are welcome to reuse it anytime again under these same conditions.

The water in the bowl can be used for ritual cleansing around the home, in a ritual cleansing bath and so on...

You can use the vibrationally charged waters to paint the doorways of your home, calling in protection and abundance. Placing your Rose of Jericho at the front doorway of your home invites prosperity.