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ElderFlower Essence

ElderFlower Essence


Elderflower (Sambucus nigra)

*Solar Essence*

Elderflower essence brings the sweetness of life, reminding us to remain gentle and humble. A luminous tiny bright shining star amongst the heavens of the skies, this essence brings her light in times of darkness. This remedy allows for a gentle integration of our shadow side. Elderflower essence can help us come to terms with the dark side that is within us all. It gives a sense of protection & support as we face the darker aspects of our selves. It promotes a deeper understanding and acceptance of the self. She restores innocence and purity within, reminding us that we are the light. She offers us joy and hope that our fruits will be powerful. 



Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy & Essence of Elderflowers** (Sambucus nigra)

Glycerine Base~

Ingredients: Spring Water, Organic Glycerine & Essence of Elderflowers** (Sambucus nigra)



Instructions for use: 1-3 drops, 1-3x daily for Vibrational Support


References:  Harvey, Clare G., Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies, Watkins Publishing, 2007

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